Genetic Counseling

School of Health and Human Sciences

Students in the UNCG Genetic Counseling Program engage with their instructors, staff, and fellow students in a comfortable learning environment.

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Program Director
AP Professor
Lauren E. Doyle, MGC, CGC






Assistant Program Director
AP Associate Professor
Randi Stewart, MS, CGC
Primary interests in prenatal and pediatric genetic counseling.





Research and Capstone Coordinator
AP Assistant Professor
Rachel Mills, MS, LCGC
Primary interests in genetic counseling research, personalized and precision medicine, and genetics education.




Program Medical Director
Adjunct Professor
Pamela J. Reitnauer, MD, MPH, PhD
Primary interests in dysmorphology syndromes, primary care of individuals with genetic disorders, epidemiology of birth defects.




Administrative Support
Marcia Griffin





Nancy Callanan


Director Emeritus
Nancy P. Callanan, MS, CGC