Genetic Counseling

School of Health and Human Sciences

Are there courses that applicants are required to take in order to be eligible for admission?
Yes.  There are three required prerequisite courses that an applicant must complete in order to qualify for admission to our program.  These are described below:

  • Genetics:   This must be an upper level course in general genetics.  At most institutions, a student must first complete one or more semesters of general biology before they are able to enroll in an upper level genetics course.  Please note that courses in Human Genetics and survey courses (i.e. Molecular Biology and Genetics) do not meet this requirement. 
  • Biochemistry:  This must be an upper level course in Biochemistry.  At most institutions a student must first complete one or more semesters of organic chemistry as a prerequisite.  Survey courses (i.e. Introduction to Organic and Biochemistry) do not meet this requirement.
  • Statistics:  A general statistics course is required.

I took AP Statistics in high school.  Will this satisfy the requirement for an undergraduate course in statistics?
If your undergraduate institution accepted the credits earned for an AP Statistics course you took in high school, and this is listed on your official undergraduate transcript, we will evaluate this as meeting our requirement. 

Biochemistry is only offered in the Spring at my university.  If I take this course in my final semester, do I still qualify for admission to your program?
Yes.  We allow for one of the 3 prerequisite courses to be “in progress” during the semester in which your application is being reviewed.  

What if I am not able to complete one of the required prerequisite courses until the summer before I enter the program?  Will I still be eligible for admission?
Unfortunately, no.  All prerequisite course requirements must be completed by the end of the Spring semester prior to enrollment.

Will courses taken at other institutions (i.e. community colleges) or online course meet the prerequisite course requirements?
Yes, as long as the course is taken at an accredited institution and otherwise meets the requirements.

Aside from the three required courses, are their other courses that you recommend an applicant complete?
The Admissions Committee reviews your entire transcript.  The most competitive applicants are those who have done well in a challenging curriculum that includes relevant coursework in Biology (i.e. Anatomy and Physiology), Genetics, Chemistry, Counseling/Psychology, Health Sciences and Ethics. 

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