Genetic Counseling

School of Health and Human Sciences

How do I apply?
All applications should be submitted online.  You can find detailed information about general admission requirements and submitting your application at the Graduate School website


What is the application deadline?
The application deadline for admission to our program is December 1st for enrollment in the following Fall. 


How do I send my GRE scores?
GRE scores can be sent using the UNC Greensboro institution code 5913, department code 0210.


What needs to be included with my application?
You should review information on the Graduate School website to learn what must be included in your application.  In addition to the Graduate School requirements, the MS Genetic Counseling Program requires that you submit a personal statement and resume.  See “Instructions for Applicants” for additional detail.


My undergraduate institution sends transcripts by email. Which email address is preferred for transcripts?
UNCG recognizes that some undergraduate institutions send transcripts via email. Please have your official transcripts sent to Once they are received they will be attached to the application you have completed in Slate. 


What if I don’t have final grades by the application deadline?
If you are currently enrolled in classes, you may upload a copy of an unofficial transcript to submit your application. Once you receive final grades for the semester, log in to your application portal in Slate and upload a copy of your completed transcript. Please also email with a copy. Only courses with associated grades are considered as a part of your application review.


Are there any additional requirements for international applicants?
Yes. International applicants must demonstrate proficiency in English. Transcripts must be submitted in English and must be accompanied by a NACES-affiliated credential evaluation service, preferably Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE), Educational Perspectives (EP), International Education Research Foundation (IERF), or World Education Services (WES). You can learn more about these requirements by viewing Information for International Applicants at the Graduate School Website.


What types of recommendations should I include?
Three recommendations are required for admission to our program.  Instructions for submitting letters of recommendation can be found on the Graduate School website.  At least one of the three recommendations should be from an instructor who is able to comment on your academic abilities.  We welcome recommendations from people who have supervised your research, laboratory, volunteer, shadowing or internship experiences. 


What do I need to include in my resume?
Guidelines for preparing your resume can be found in the “Instructions for Applicants”.


Are there guidelines for writing my personal statement?
Yes.  Guidelines for preparing your personal statement can be found in the “Instructions for Applicants”. 


What happens after I submit my application?
When your application is submitted, an Admissions Specialist in the Graduate School reviews your file to make sure that all information required by the Graduate School has been received.  When your application is complete, the MS Genetic Counseling Program will be notified.  It may take a few weeks from the time you submit your application online for the program to be notified that your application is complete.

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